Frindie Fridays

Frindie Fridays is a series where we take a quick look at an indie game every Friday, some even make it into a full series of thier own!

Frindie Friday: Mad Tracks

Published: 31/07/2020

What do you get when you mix Micro Machines with RC Racing and a small hint of Rocket League? Let's find out!

Mad Tracks is an action packed toy car games. Play mini games and race in everyday places. Have immediate fun – guaranteed!

Frindie Friday: Before I Forget

Published: 24/07/2020

This week we take a fascinating look into living with dementia. Seeing as the game is very short and the story is very good I will only show the first 20 minutes.

A woman alone in a house. A mystery and a love story. Explore the present to uncover the past, in a short story of love and loss and a life well-lived. A narrative exploration game that examines a world where memories are constantly fading and jumbled.

Frindie Friday: The Swords of Ditto

Published: 17/07/2020

It's time for another roguelite action RPG but this time with 100% more kazoo!

Now reimagined and expanded in the new Mormo's Curse update, The Swords of Ditto is a roguelite action RPG that creates a unique adventure for each new hero of legend in the relentless fight against the evil Mormo.

Frindie Friday: Horace

Published: 10/07/2020

The British humour and references are throughout Horace, and I love it!

Horace is a huge platforming adventure which pushes the boundaries of the genre with a profound story of a small robot learning of life, the universe and Douglas Adams. Made by videogame lovers for videogame lovers!

Frindie Friday: Jazzpunk

Published: 03/07/2020

Bring on the randomly fun comedy adventure that is... Jazzpunk!

Jazzpunk is a comedy adventure set in an alternate reality Cold War World, plagued with corporate espionage, CyberCrime, and sentient martinis. Gameplay is inspired by spoof comedy films and cartoons of yesteryear, with a focus on weird gadgets, exotic locales, and open-world style exploration.

Frindie Friday: Silence

Published: 26/06/2020

Straight away Silence hits you with the feels but dayum it's a cute artsyle!

Can you save Silence, the grim, but also serene world between life and death? Can you help Noah find his little sister Renie in this suffering world? Can you bring her home? Explore Silence and join the siblings on their adventurous journey.

Frindie Friday: MO:Astray

Published: 19/06/2020

This is just a quick look but I have loved what I have seen. Come with me as we dip our toes in the sinister world of MO: Astray.

MO: Astray is a pixel art, side-scrolling, action-platformer. Lead MO through mind-bending puzzles using special abilities. Bizarre enemies, threatening traps and ingenious level designs await.

Frindie Friday: Rainy Season

Published: 12/06/2020

What do you do when you are stuck inside in the middle of the rainy season? Rummage around your nan's house ofc!

This is a story about an ordinary family spending time at home during the rain.

Frindie Friday: Urban Trial Playground

Published: 05/06/2020

From popping wheelies and backflips to serious time trials, this week has all the bike-related content you could want!

This new instalment of the stunt bike racing series is moving the action from city streets, straight to the sunny and colourful beaches of California, mixing in even crazier tricks, flips and combos than ever before. It’s a game of speed, balance and style!

Frindie Friday: GRIS

Published: 29/05/2020

With great music and a lovely art style, let me take you on a journey.

Gris is a hopeful young girl lost in her own world, dealing with a painful experience in her life. Her journey through sorrow is manifested in her dress, which grants new abilities to better navigate her faded reality.

Frindie Friday: Yono and the Celestial Elephants

Published: 22/05/2020

Its time for Yono the headbutting elephant! This week is definetly more chill than previous weeks.

Yono and the Celestial Elephant is a grand adventure, featuring carefully designed puzzles, treasure hunts, a sprinkling combat and a world full of people.

Frindie Friday: Divinoids

Published: 15/05/2020

It's time for some shapeshifting fun! Bring on the city destruction!

Divinoids is a desperate struggle between a society much like our own, and highly advanced aliens piloting shapeshifting mechanical monstrosities... where you play as the aliens.


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